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June Flanagan is a writer, nature photographer, and horticultural consultant, based in the magnificent mountain and prairie landscape of southwestern Alberta, Canada.

Flanagan’s passion for botany was sparked by the unique desert and tropical plants of her childhood homes in the Sonoran desert and Pacific and Caribbean islands. In her continuing quest to explore, photograph and learn more about our planet’s fascinating flora – she has traveled across Canada and the United States, with further adventures in Mexico, Costa Rica, South America, Europe and Australia.

Flanagan’s professional experience spans North America’s prairies, deserts, mountains and forests. With a M.Sc. in plant science from University of Arizona, her current writing and consulting projects draw extensive background from former positions as a botanical garden specialist, and research associate on studies of native species and horticultural crops.

Five books, along with dozens of articles and images, are among Flanagan’s publications. Her public speaking programs highlight the beauty of both natural environments and cultivated gardens. She also holds a portfolio emphasizing environmentally-sensitive landscape designs for residential, commercial and public spaces.

flower graphic (from northern flora graphics)Contact for media or events:  juneflanagan.ca@gmail.com
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